Guitar Setup Made Simple

The type of guitar you purchase though will decide on the quality of the tone that is produced it is the guitar setup that is done that would decide the quality of sounds produced. When you take an electric guitar or else the acoustic guitar you should do some preliminary checks that are to be done before starting with the guitar setup. If you have a second hand guitar you should check if the strings are in proper working conditions if not replace them with the fresh pair of guitar strings. Also the action of your guitar should be in the correct height to guitar strings along with the correct height that is maintained for the frets and pickups will take you faster to the guitar effects setup process. Best way to identify if the instrument is ready to be picked on the strings … Continued

What Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

Guitar lessons can vary greatly in price. First you have to decide if you want a private lesson or a group lesson. Generally, private lessons would cost more than a group lesson. Private lessons can range from $20- $40 an hour. Beginner students usually opt for half hour lessons, and with a private tutor, these can cost anywhere from $15- $25 a session. But when you move on to more advanced skills, the price of having a private guitar tutor can go up to $50- $75 an hour. With group lessons, the price mostly depends on the size of the group and the level of experience. With this in mind, the lessons can be anywhere between $40 and $80 a month. Although with group lessons the price would be lower, you have to keep in mind that you would not get as much interaction … Continued

Using a Capo to Change Keys

Using capos to change keys is an amazing way to open your world of music. Playing the same songs in different keys can give an entirely different feel to any old tune. If you have ever picked up and played the same song on different guitars you know what I mean. Just as the same song will sound different on different guitars, the same song will often feel and sound different when you change keys using a capo. If you are a vocalist using a capo is especially helpful. It will allow you to not have to learn a new way of playing. Moving the capo up and down the neck allows you to play at a higher or lower pitch. Songs that were written and performed outside of your range can easily be dropped or raised to a range that you can sing … Continued

Beginning Guitar Lessons

If you are new to playing guitar and are looking at beginning guitar lessons listen up. There are a lot of teachers out there that would love to charge you $20.00 an hour of more to show you what they know but keep in mind it is not just what they know but how well they can teach. The best guitarist in the world can make the worst teacher. In the early stages of learning guitar you need someone that can come along side you and show you the ropes not play every song in existence with their eyes closed. This may seem a bit counter intuitive but think about it. Kinder garden teachers aren’t required doctorates they are required to know how children think and learn. The same is true when you are looking into beginning guitar lesions. Find someone that knows how … Continued

Acoustic Guitars For Sale

If you enjoy playing the guitar or you want to learn how to play, having an acoustic guitar is a great option. Of course, whether you are just learning to play or you have been playing for years, you still want to make sure you get a nice guitar when making your purchase. There are a variety of things you should look for when you are purchasing your acoustic guitar, so here are some important tips to help you when making this important purchase. One thing to consider when buying an acoustic guitar is the price. Think about the money that you have available to spend. Once you know what you can spend, then you can work on getting the best possible guitar for the money available. Even if you have a smaller budget, there are some nice acoustics available today for reasonable prices. … Continued

Repair Guitar Dents and Scratches

I think anyone that owns a guitar accepts the fact that they’re going to get dents and scratches on it. No matter how cafeful you are, it will get nicks and bruises on it. A lot of times it is just the finish that gets damaged, which isn’t that big of a deal. But sometimes you get a dent and the vast majority of people really don’t know how to repair such damage. There is no need to get wood fillers or some sort of device to help pop it out because you can take care of this with water. If you put a small drop of water on the dent you will see the that wood will absorb it. As it absorbs you will notice that it swells and eventually gets back to the original look. Remember this is for a dent, not … Continued

History on the Acoustic Guitar

I thought I should give you a bit of a history lesson on the acoustic guitar because most people really don’t understand much about it. Actually, historical reference is very important to understanding the design. You may have noticed that your guitar doesn’t have button hardward for a guitar strap. It could of been made in Spain, where traditionally they play sitting down. Medieval If we go back to Medieval Europe, we had several types of guitars. It is important to note that these guitars were much smaller than the ones we had today. Most of them had between 3 and 5 strings. The first developed guitar was believed to originate in Spain, which they called the Guitarra Morisca. It was a big part of the Moorish culture. Renaissance Up to Modern Even though the guitar was around in the middle of the ages, … Continued

Gibson Guitar Strap

Out of all the different types of guitar straps that you can buy, I have to say that the Gibson guitar strap is about the best. They just seem to put a lot more work into making something of quality and value. And you might be thinking that something as simple as a strap might not need much work and it shouldn’t really matter which one that you get. If you think that then you’re wrong. Having the right kind of strap can really be a blessing and I’m going to show you exactly why you should go with Gibson. If you’ve played guitar for a long period of time, some straps will literally dig into your shoulder and it will hurt. Some have rough material for the strap, so it actually can destroy your clothes when the strap slides. The fact is that … Continued

How to Attach a Guitar Strap

The type of strap that I’m talking about here is the one that has a buttonhole on each end. If you’re fortunate enough to have the knobs on your guitar already than you just snap them on and you are set. I suppose if that was the case than you probably wouldn’t be browing the web looking for a solution. Willie Nelson Method If you don’t have the knobs on your guitar than you’re going to have to try another method. The first method I want to talk to you about is what Willie Nelson has been using. He takes the narrow strap and he basically ties it around the heal of the guitar. The rest of the strap goes around his neck, down his chest and with a little hook he places it on the sound hole of the guitar. The advantages of … Continued

Leather Acoustic Guitar Strap

I thought I should talk to you about leather when it comes to these guitar straps. Many people go out and buy straps, but I think that leather acoustic guitar straps are about the best ones you can get on the market. The first point I’ll make is that they look really good. When you see a leather belt or leather shoes on a person you see nothing but class and style. And the same thing applies when you use it with your guitar. Another important point is that the leather actually lasts a very long time. For an actual guitar it would probably last your entire life. So the best thing that I can do for you is to help point you in the right direction when it comes to picking the best ones on the market. There are a lot of leather … Continued