Repair Guitar Dents and Scratches

I think anyone that owns a guitar accepts the fact that they’re going to get dents and scratches on it. No matter how cafeful you are, it will get nicks and bruises on it. A lot of times it is just the finish that gets damaged, which isn’t that big of a deal. But sometimes you get a dent and the vast majority of people really don’t know how to repair such damage. There is no need to get wood fillers or some sort of device to help pop it out because you can take care of this with water. If you put a small drop of water on the dent you will see the that wood will absorb it. As it absorbs you will notice that it swells and eventually gets back to the original look. Remember this is for a dent, not … Continued

History on the Acoustic Guitar

I thought I should give you a bit of a history lesson on the acoustic guitar because most people really don’t understand much about it. Actually, historical reference is very important to understanding the design. You may have noticed that your guitar doesn’t have button hardward for a guitar strap. It could of been made in Spain, where traditionally they play sitting down. Medieval If we go back to Medieval Europe, we had several types of guitars. It is important to note that these guitars were much smaller than the ones we had today. Most of them had between 3 and 5 strings. The first developed guitar was believed to originate in Spain, which they called the Guitarra Morisca. It was a big part of the Moorish culture. Renaissance Up to Modern Even though the guitar was around in the middle of the ages, … Continued

Gibson Guitar Strap

Out of all the different types of guitar straps that you can buy, I have to say that the Gibson guitar strap is about the best. They just seem to put a lot more work into making something of quality and value. And you might be thinking that something as simple as a strap might not need much work and it shouldn’t really matter which one that you get. If you think that then you’re wrong. Having the right kind of strap can really be a blessing and I’m going to show you exactly why you should go with Gibson. If you’ve played guitar for a long period of time, some straps will literally dig into your shoulder and it will hurt. Some have rough material for the strap, so it actually can destroy your clothes when the strap slides. The fact is that … Continued

How to Attach a Guitar Strap

The type of strap that I’m talking about here is the one that has a buttonhole on each end. If you’re fortunate enough to have the knobs on your guitar already than you just snap them on and you are set. I suppose if that was the case than you probably wouldn’t be browing the web looking for a solution. Willie Nelson Method If you don’t have the knobs on your guitar than you’re going to have to try another method. The first method I want to talk to you about is what Willie Nelson has been using. He takes the narrow strap and he basically ties it around the heal of the guitar. The rest of the strap goes around his neck, down his chest and with a little hook he places it on the sound hole of the guitar. The advantages of … Continued

Leather Acoustic Guitar Strap

I thought I should talk to you about leather when it comes to these guitar straps. Many people go out and buy straps, but I think that leather acoustic guitar straps are about the best ones you can get on the market. The first point I’ll make is that they look really good. When you see a leather belt or leather shoes on a person you see nothing but class and style. And the same thing applies when you use it with your guitar. Another important point is that the leather actually lasts a very long time. For an actual guitar it would probably last your entire life. So the best thing that I can do for you is to help point you in the right direction when it comes to picking the best ones on the market. There are a lot of leather … Continued

Fender Guitar Strap

If you’re someone with a Fender guitar you’re probably looking for a strap that you can use with it. Well, I suggest you get something that is designed to be used with your guitar instead of some cheap generic brand. This is why I created this page on the Fender guitar strap because more people need to get the right item when buying. Like you’re going to find with all many straps is that there are a lot. There are too many for me to show on this page, but hopefully the ones I’ll show will narrow you in on one guitar strap that you really like. Of course you don’t have to read through this entire page though to find something you like. The link below will allow you to browse through all the straps that are available and you should be able … Continued

Classical Guitar Strap

Something that you probably noticed about classical guitars is that none of them seem to have any buttons for you to attach a regular guitar strap to. This is why you need to get a classical guitar strap because it allows you to get the strap onto the guitar without actually needing the buttons to hook up. The reason why this type of guitar doesn’t have the buttons for strap use is that the guitar was never designed to be played standing up. You’re supposed to sit down while you play and for that reason you don’t have buttons installed. I’d like to say that you can get the buttons installed, but it’s a lot of extra hardware work and you could cause damage to the guitar. Most people that need a classical guitar strap have a guitar they don’t want to damage and … Continued

Changing Guitar Strings

I thought I should make a little guide on how you change your guitar strings. This can be a little complicated for some people and I think a guide would be beneficial for you. Once you do this a few times, than it will become second nature and you shouldn’t have any trouble anymore. Step 1 Basically what you want to do is loosen the low E string (6th) on your guitar with a string widener. Next you’ll want to snap it off with wire cutters near the tuning peg. You’ll unattach the other end from the bridge. Throw old string in the garbage Step 2 Now you’ll want to get out your new string and start attaching it to the guitar. You’ll want to do is put the ball end in the bridge hole and replace your bridge pin. Just slowly pull on … Continued

Bass Guitar Strap

If you have a bass you’re probably going to be playing it standing up, so that means you need a bass guitar strap. What you might not be aware of is that a regular guitar strap is what you’re looking for since there really isn’t any difference between bass and guitar when you attach a strap. There are certain straps marketed that way, but there is only a few of them. At least if you look around through guitar straps you’re bound to find something that you like since there is such a huge number of them. You’ll be happy to know that you can find straps that look professional, to even whacky. It is your choice what you go with and they’re all pretty cheap to begin with. I’m just going to start by saying that there are really too many bass guitar … Continued

Acoustic Guitar Strap Reviews

If you’re made it to my website than you’re probably interested in guitar straps for your acoustic guitar. I think the biggest problem you might have is that there really is too much variety. I know what you might be thinking, “it’s just a strap”. Sure, it’s just a strap, but this is your guitar and you have to make sure that you have one that is going to help you perform better. Acoustic guitar straps coming in a lot of different varities. The colors typically vary from brown and black. Some are made out of some synthetic material, while otehrs are made of real leather. The whole point of this strap is comfort for your playing and performing. You want something that doesn’t cut into your shoulder after a while. You want something that will feel good. You always want it to look … Continued