Guitar Setup Made Simple

The type of guitar you purchase though will decide on the quality of the tone that is produced it is the guitar setup that is done that would decide the quality of sounds produced. When you take an electric guitar or else the acoustic guitar you should do some preliminary checks that are to be done before starting with the guitar setup. If you have a second hand guitar you should check if the strings are in proper working conditions if not replace them with the fresh pair of guitar strings. Also the action of your guitar should be in the correct height to guitar strings along with the correct height that is maintained for the frets and pickups will take you faster to the guitar effects setup process. Best way to identify if the instrument is ready to be picked on the strings … Continued

What Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

Guitar lessons can vary greatly in price. First you have to decide if you want a private lesson or a group lesson. Generally, private lessons would cost more than a group lesson. Private lessons can range from $20- $40 an hour. Beginner students usually opt for half hour lessons, and with a private tutor, these can cost anywhere from $15- $25 a session. But when you move on to more advanced skills, the price of having a private guitar tutor can go up to $50- $75 an hour. With group lessons, the price mostly depends on the size of the group and the level of experience. With this in mind, the lessons can be anywhere between $40 and $80 a month. Although with group lessons the price would be lower, you have to keep in mind that you would not get as much interaction … Continued