Beginning Guitar Lessons

If you are new to playing guitar and are looking at beginning guitar lessons listen up. There are a lot of teachers out there that would love to charge you $20.00 an hour of more to show you what they know but keep in mind it is not just what they know but how well they can teach. The best guitarist in the world can make the worst teacher. In the early stages of learning guitar you need someone that can come along side you and show you the ropes not play every song in existence with their eyes closed.

This may seem a bit counter intuitive but think about it. Kinder garden teachers aren’t required doctorates they are required to know how children think and learn. The same is true when you are looking into beginning guitar lesions. Find someone that knows how to teach you. A quick Google search or a trip to the local music store will provide you a list of local instructors. Pick the ones in the list that look like they are good for a beginner and give them a call. Let them know you are looking at getting started and are curious how about their curriculum. If they say they follow a book hang up the phone.

Its ok if a book is used but it should not be the only resource. I had one instructor who taught from a book but copied all of the pages off so it looked like his own. He didn’t dial into my needs, strengths, and weaknesses and consequently I was discouraged and quite going. It is worth finding a good teacher from the get go. Spending the time to find a quality teacher can mean the difference between sticking with guitar and giving it up completely.

For you parents out there this may be a little difficult as you don’t fully know the best way for your child to learn an interment but you do know your child so be patient and listen to the feedback they give. If there isn’t excitement you are wasting both your time and money. Find a good teacher and you will find the excitement.

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