Gibson Guitar Strap

Out of all the different types of guitar straps that you can buy, I have to say that the Gibson guitar strap is about the best. They just seem to put a lot more work into making something of quality and value. And you might be thinking that something as simple as a strap might not need much work and it shouldn’t really matter which one that you get. If you think that then you’re wrong. Having the right kind of strap can really be a blessing and I’m going to show you exactly why you should go with Gibson.

If you’ve played guitar for a long period of time, some straps will literally dig into your shoulder and it will hurt. Some have rough material for the strap, so it actually can destroy your clothes when the strap slides. The fact is that it matters having the right kind of guitar strap and the Gibson guitar strap is by far the best one I’ve seen. There are a lot of these straps available and what I’m going to do is put a link below that will allow you to browse through all the different kinds and see if there is something that you like.

I wouldn’t help you out that much if I didn’t actually tell you the one that I like the best. I personally like the Gibson Lightning Bolt Nylon Strap. It is a nice 2 inch wide strap that just seems to do a good job. I find that 2 inches is good enough for a strap when you consider the width. You can get 3 inch ones, but I think they’re a little too bulky and excessive in size. Also the tips on this strap are made of leather.

If I was going to buy a guitar strap I would definitely go with this one. It has a nice design, as you can see to the right, and I think it does a really good job. I put a link below that will take you to a page on this strap. If you want to browse more straps just use the link above.

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