How to Attach a Guitar Strap

The type of strap that I’m talking about here is the one that has a buttonhole on each end. If you’re fortunate enough to have the knobs on your guitar already than you just snap them on and you are set. I suppose if that was the case than you probably wouldn’t be browing the web looking for a solution.

Willie Nelson Method

If you don’t have the knobs on your guitar than you’re going to have to try another method. The first method I want to talk to you about is what Willie Nelson has been using. He takes the narrow strap and he basically ties it around the heal of the guitar. The rest of the strap goes around his neck, down his chest and with a little hook he places it on the sound hole of the guitar.

The advantages of this is that you’re going to have a shorter strap. It’s a lot easier to store the strap and you can even keep it in your pocket if you want. The disadvantage is that hook tends to pull on the face of the guitar. This can actually cause the sound of the guitar to change and it can even lead to some sort of damage. The areas you’re supposed to clip on are supported, where as the sound hole is not.

Only One Knob

It’s common to have a guitar that has a knob on the bottom of it, but none up by the neck of it. Obviously you’re going to snap the button hole on the bottom of the guitar. For the neck you’ll want to loop it around the neck area, but you want it just above the nuts and below the heads.

The advantage is that this is a relatively simple set up for you and feels just like a regular guitar strap. The disadvantage is that the strap tends to get pulled over the nut and obviously you don’t want that.

Installing Knobs

The last method is the one that is going to take the most work and that is installing the knobs on your guitar. You should easily be able to find the knobs at any guitar/music store, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Here is the complicated part… You have to drill hole in the end of the body of the guitar and you screw the knob in. You want your drill size to be slightly smaller than the screw. This makes sure the screw stays in. If you make the hole too small you won’t get the screw in. You can also add glew with the screw to give it strength.

Next, you have to screw a hole up by the neck. You want the secrew to go into the wood brace and not just in the thin wall.

Obviously if this drilling part sounds a little too complicated than you should obviously get someone to repair at a local guitar store. Or you could find a friend to do it for you. I’m not saying that it is necessarily hard, but there are a lot of different makes when it comes to guitars and you don’t want to damage it.

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